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Twaddell: Ardoyne residents group and Orange Order deal collapses

A proposed deal to end a long-running dispute between the Orange Order and a nationalist residents group in the Ardoyne area of Belfast has collapsed.

'Grandpa in France'

A BBC interview with a Somme soldier is uncovered by his family after 33 years.

The Queen in Northern Ireland: Visit takes in north coast landmarks

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive in the north coast as part of their two-day visit to Northern Ireland.

'Body in boot' victim Kyle Neil, 23, 'was stabbed 200 times'

A man whose body was found in the boot of a car had been stabbed about 200 times in a "frenzied and repeated attack" a court in Belfast has heard.

GCSE: Education Minister Peter Weir allows numbered grades

Education Minister Peter Weir will allow pupils in Northern Ireland to receive GCSE grades from English exam boards who provide results using numbers from 9-1.

EU referendum: Diane Dodds and Martina Anderson 'not turning backs on Europe'

Two Northern Ireland MEPs say they will not turn their backs on Europe after the UK's EU referendum.

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